How can I add a responsible person to a fact sheet?

In a fact sheet open the "Subscriptions"-tab to see all persons who are currently subscribed. To add a person, please use the link "Add a person":

In the following dialog you can either select existing users or you can add a new person by clicking on "New person". Furthermore you can define the subscription role.

Fill out the information to make the newly added person a responsible or accountable for this fact sheet. You can also define role types for the accountable like application owner. Only one person can be accountable for a fact sheet. Remark: The newly added person will not be invited automatically.

If you would like to invite the person, you can start the normal invite process by clicking on the "Invite" button upper right. There you can also define the user role of the person. Admins and members can view, create and modify all fact sheets and the admin has administration rights in the workspace like user management, export etc. Viewers can view, subscribe and comment to all fact sheets. Admins can invite admins, members and viewers. Members can invite members and viewers and viewers can invite viewers.

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