How do I delete/recover a Fact Sheet?

Every Fact Sheet has a right sidebar with different actions. One of those is to delete the current Fact Sheet. When you use the "Delete" button, you are required to provide a reason why you are deleting that Fact Sheet. This will help other users to better understand the deletion and enhance transparency. leanIX will not delete the Fact Sheet completely, but instead move it to the archive from where it can be recovered later on. To access a Fact Sheet that has been deleted you need to use the search function, since it has been removed from the inventory list. You can then Recover the Fact Sheet the same way you deleted the it.


Find deleted Fact Sheets

If the Fact Sheet is still listed under "RECENTLY VIEWED" (right side bar) you can open it directly. Then a "Recover" button will be available at the right side bar.
1. Go to the Inventory and change the sorting to "Latest modification first"
2. Copy the URL to a Text Editor and change the parameter "&ignoreObjectStatus=" to "&ignoreObjectStatus=1"
3. Open the altered URL in the browser
4. Deleted Fact Sheets are shown with strikethrough text formatting
5. Click on the deleted Fact Sheet and then a "Recover" button will be available on the right side bar

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