How can I create a query with filters?

Filters limit the number of Fact Sheets

With filters you can limit the number of Fact Sheets you would like to consider. To do so you can select any filter entry in the left hand sidebar. Here you have the ability to concatenate separate entries with each other. All entries in one filter facet are combined with an OR operator by default. That means that at least one of the selected entries must match. To switch to an AND operation you have to use the Settings (see screenshots below). Facets among each other are always combined by an AND operator.

A single filter facet

Set Settings and switch between AND and OR

Where do I find missing filter entries?

The top 5 Fact Sheets are listed in a single filter facet. If you need an unlisted entry click on More. Click in the selection field and enter or select the Fact Sheet you would like to consider in the query. It will be added to the list in a filter facet.


Arrange facets, shrink and expand, hide facets 

Not all facets are necessary for each user, so we have implemented some mechansim to make the filter facet bar as convenient to use as possible.

Shrink and expand a filter facet Move a filter facet up & down Hide & unhide filter facets                   
Filter_5.png Filter_4.png Filter_6.png


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