How to navigate within landscapes and maps?

Nowadays it is common for large companies to use a few hundred different applications. This leads to large and complicated application landscapes, which is also visible in the reports Application Landscape and Interface Map . Therefore leanIX offers different ways to navigate easier and quicker within those reports. 

  1. You can just zoom in or out and then scroll up, down and sideways to have a closer look on the maps.
  2. Clicking on this button will show the complete again. 
  3. If you want to fit the report vertically, so you just need to scroll sideways, this is your button.
  4. By adjusting the size of the box and moving it around, the zoom helper enables you to choose directly which part of the report should be shown. Tip: Since leanIX prints exactly the part of the map that you choose, the zoom helper is a great tool to configure print outs.
  5. You can also adjust the size of the report window vertically.


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