How can I control and structure Tagging?

Adjust the use of leanIX in Administration -> Settings

In Administration -> Settings as an Administrator you have some options to control the use of leanIX. Click on Settings on the left hand side to access the various options. Please don't forget to save to verify your changes.

Set the Tagging Mode

Tagging is helpful to classify and label Fact Sheets for filter or reporting purposes. If you have defined Customs Fields as a Tag Group we talk about pre-defined tag groups.

You can set one of three different Options which apply to all Fact Sheet Types:

  1. On-the-fly tagging: Basically this means every user can create tags while maintaining a Fact Sheet. The use of tag is not restricted to Tag Groups.
  2. Pre-defined tag Groups OR On-the-fly tagging: If you want to use pre-defined tag groups at one Fact Sheet Type but free tags on another Fact Sheet Type you should use this option.
  3. Pre-defined only: A user can only choose pre-defined tag groups. If no tag group is defined for a certain Fact Sheet Type Tagging is not enabled. 

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