How can I set a reminder for people to check a Fact Sheet?

Trigger People to check data quality

leanIX will foster the regular maintenance of a Fact Sheet by setting a reminder date or period.

Adjust the use of leanIX in Administration -> Customization

In Administration -> Customization as an Administrator you have some options to control the use of leanIX. Click on Customization on the left hand side to access the various Fact Sheet Types. By clicking on the pencil on the right hand side you will enter the edit mode of this Fact Sheet Type.


Set the Quality Check

In the Fact Sheet Settings you can choose one of the pre-defined reminder Options.

In the Inventory you will find a small red alarm bell that shows the status of a Fact Sheet.

Notify People about the data quality check need

Three triggers result in a notification email:

  1. Quality has not yet been approved for a new Fact Sheet and someone subscribes the first time as responsible
  2. A change to a Fact Sheet was done by a person who is neither responsible nor accountable
  3. The notification email was x days ago and since then, the quality has not yet been approved

As default x has been set to 90 days.

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