How can I control the creation of new Fact Sheets?

Limit the ability to create new Fact Sheets

In leanIX you can create new Fact Sheets while editing a Fact Sheet Section. In some cases this should be limited to prevent the creation on-the-fly. For example a Business Capability should not be created by every user in leanIX but by the Enterprise Architetcure only.

Adjust the use of leanIX in Administration -> Customization

In Administration -> Customization as an Administrator you have some options to control the use of leanIX. Click on Customization on the left hand side to access the various Fact Sheet Types. By clicking on the pencil on the right hand side you will enter the edit mode of this Fact Sheet Type.

Set On-the-fly creation

In the Fact Sheet Settings you can choose one of the pre-defined reminder Options.

  1. Not enabled: Creation on the fly is not allowed. This means you have to use the "+ New"-Action in the right sidebar
  2. Only Workspace Admins: As a Workspace Administrator you may be the right person to do it on the fly.
  3. All Workspace Members: No restrictions to create new Fact Sheets are set.
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