How can I define the calculation rule for completeness of a Fact Sheet?

Define completeness calculation rule

In leanIX every Fact Sheet has a completeness value. The Overall completeness will be shown in the Inventory and in every Fact Sheet. The overall completeness is an addition of the completeness of each section. The Fact Sheet Settings define the rule which sections are included in this calculation and which are excluded.

Adjust the use of leanIX in Administration -> Customization

In Administration -> Customization as an Administrator you have some Options.

In the Fact Sheet Settings / Advanced you can choose one of the three pre-defined Options.

  1. Active: This Section will be included in the completeness calculation.
  2. Optional and Disabled: This Section will be excluded.

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    Scott Lane

    This needs to be updated. This isn't what it looks like in the Pathfinder release.

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