How to manage IT costs with leanIX?

Managing costs with leanIX

As an IT manager one of the most important tasks is to keep an eye on the costs. You want to know for what are we spending how much money and where are possible areas to cut costs. leanIX will foster decision making by enabling you to link costs to producers and to analyze costs per consumer.

Link costs to producer

Every IT Component and IT Project can bear cost elements. To get a comprehensive overview of all costs, it is necessary to keep all cost information in the Fact Sheets up-to-date.

IT Component Cost Information

Since IT Component costs are always linked to an Application there are two ways to keep IT Component cost information for services, software and hardware. First you add/edit them in the Fact Sheet IT Component or second in the section Sourcing of the Fact Sheet Application

  • Services: Data center operations, development, demand management, application management
  • Software: Licenses, rent, support, …
  • Hardware: Server, workspace, …

IT Project Cost Information

For every IT Project you can define a budget (step 1), order volumes per provider information about the budget (separated between OpEx and CaEx) , order volumes per provider (step 2) and information about the Actual Costs respectively Estimated Costs to Complete at specific times during the execution of the project (step 3 and 4). leanIX generally differentiates between Operating Expenditures (OpEx) and Capital Expenditures (CapEx)

1. Define project budget

2. Set ordered volume per provider (optional)

3. Set project status
A project traffic light status can be easily set for a specific date to follow overall project success.

4. Enter actual consumed budget
Provide the actual consumption per status date to get an overview of the consumed budget.

Total Costs

In the Provider Fact Sheet all the costs are aggregated.

Analyze Costs

The reporting mode offers different reports to analyze where you spend your money and to track the cost status of all projects. The report Business Capability Cost distributes all costs caused by applications to the different business capabilities. Provider Cost indicates which portion of all costs are spent on which provider. The report Project Cost Tracking helps you to keep an eye on the cost status of all projects individually and in total.

Tip: By using the filters you can tweak the cost view fitting for many different purposes.

1. Choose report type
leanIX is working continuously on new reports and report views. Let us know your ideas and needs.

2. Filter report content
Filters provide an easy way to fit the content exactly to your needs.

3. Export report content
The project cost tracking report can be exported to excel with just one click. Other reports will follow.

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