How to select the right workspace when connecting to Signavio?

If your Signavio User Account is connected to multiple workspaces in Signavio, you need to make a choice, which workspace you want to use for the automatic synchronization with leanIX. Go into the Administration section, click on API & Integrations on the left hand side and click on the green Configuration Button. In the configuration window in leanIX you can specify the tenant ID, which identifies the Signavio workspace:

You can identify the tenant ID yourself just after you login to Signavio and select the workspace you want to work in. Please go to Signavio Login and provide your User Credentials. After that you will see a list of workspaces you can select from.

In modern browsers you can now inspect the HTML-Code which reveals the tenant ID. Move your mouse over the workspace name and click "Inspect element". In a window below you will then find the tenant ID (red box).


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