What to consider when integrating Signavio and leanIX

Activate the Signavio Integration in leanIX

Administration --> API & Integrations

In leanIX you can activate the Signavio Integration in the Administration section under API & Integrations.

leanIX preparation

As you would like to avoid to create processes in two different systems we assume being Signavio the leading System for Processes. leanIX will be the leading system for Applications. 

In Administration / Customization / Application Fact Sheet Type / Advanced set Processes to Read-only. Disable on-the-fly creation for Process Fact Sheets. 

Signavio preparation

The syncing of Applications is implemented with Glossary entries for IT-Systems in Signavio. To ensure consistency you should disable the manual creation of Glossary entries in Signavio. Read this help entry for Signavio how to do it. 

Signavio allows the creation of processes with the same name. In leanIX all names must be unique. You need to avoid this duplicated entries in Signavio otherwise the synchronization will fail for these entries. 


Check synchronization status

if you are not sure whether synchronization worked you can check at every Fact Sheet the status. Select the Tab Integrations and click on "Show Log". The Logfile shows you all synchronization attempts, the overall status and the number of considered entries. 

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