How do I use the Interface Factsheet?


The leanIX Interface Fact Sheet shows all important interface information at a glance. An interface in leanIX has a name, a description, a lifecycle, 1 Provider, 1 to n Consumers, Technology Properties and relations to Data Objects & IT Components.


Creating interfaces

There are two starting points to create a new interface. You can either start with creating the Interface Factsheet directly in the inventory, or you can start from an existing Application Factsheet and add a new interface in the interface section. In both cases you are able to specify which application is technically providing the application and which one is consuming it. In the example above, the HR Admin Application is providing the interface via an API.

Note that the interface providing/ consuming application is not related to the direction of the data flow.

The direction of the data flow can be specified under Properties. Define the direction of the data flow based on your Interface Providing Application. The image below depicts the two viewpoints: Interface Providing/ Consuming Applications vs. Data Flow.


Further, you can create powerful queries by adding relations to other Fact Sheets. The relation to Data Object shows the data that is transferred via the interface, the relation to IT Component the technology with which the interface is realized.


Visualizing interfaces

The best place to visualize the dataflows of interfaces is the Visualizer data flows report. Insert the Application Fact Sheets that are of interest to you to show the data flow between them. Labels can be used to create powerful overviews by enriching the information in the diagram. You can even combine several types of information, in this case they will be displayed separated by commas on the arrow labels.



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