How can I get an overview of my Interfaces between two applications?

An important feature of leanIX 2.0 is the new Interface Fact Sheet that gives you a better overview of the Interfaces between applications and it also allows to analyze the data that is utilized by applications even better.

The new Interface Fact Sheet has its own lifecycle and you can see which application is the provider and which application is the consumer of the Interface. You can also add the Interface Technology and the data that is utilized. Furthermore you have the possibility to tag an Interface and you can also subscribe for an Interface Fact Sheet.

In order to get an overview of the Interfaces between applications you can filter the Interfaces in the Inventory (1) and then you can click on "show as table" (2).

You will get a table with your Interfaces and you can see the Provider and the Consumer of the Interfaces. You can also see some other information like Technology and Tags.

Another way to see the interfaces between applications and the data that is utilized is our Data Flow report.

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