How do I use the Survey Add-on?

The Survey Add-on fosters collaboration and data maintenance. There are two main use cases: Firstly, you can gather additional information based on a Fact Sheet list (e.g. Are all Applications data protection compliant?). Secondly, you can maintain Factsheet Data (e.g. How would you classify a Data Object?).

A detailed video tutorial on how to create your first survey can be found here.

You can manage your survey in four simple steps:

Design Survey

Create a new Survey in the Admin section under Add-Ons, Surveys. Enter a title and use simple drag and drop to design the survey. There are different basic question types available (e.g. text, radio buttons and check boxes).


In addition, you can use power features. These are described in more detail below:

Fact Sheet Segments

Insert a Fact Sheet segment in order to allow survey recipients to directly make updates in LeanIX out of Survey. You can select the Fact Sheet type and segments you would like to include. 

Conditional Fields

Conditional fields help to avoid information overload. Questions can be shown or hidden based on the answers a survey recipient gives.

In the example a question is only shown if the Question 'Is there a common focus of these projects' is answered with yes.

Calculated Fields & Metrics

Calculated fields give you the possibility to quantify your survey. For example, you can assign a value to different answers, and based on this calculate a risk score.

You can use simple javascript code, to do so:


var score = 0;

if (answers['1'] === 'No') {
score += 15;

if (answers['2'] === 'No') {
score += 5;

return score;


With question settings 'Metrics', you can assign the calculated value to a Metric. This allows you to display survey results over time.

Question Groups

Question groups allow you to cluster questions. You can also apply conditions to them.

Run Survey

In the next step you can select recipients of the Survey based on Fact Sheet subscriptions. Select the Fact Sheets based on individual filter criteria. leanIX will show you a preview of the employees that will receive the Survey. You can select users out of your leanIX Workspace for a test run. Once you are happy with the result, start the Survey with the "Run survey" button.

Answer Questions

All Survey participants will receive an email with a link to open the Survey. At the top, select the Fact Sheet for which you want to provide an answer. In case a Fact Sheet segment is included, the amendments are stored directly in the Fact Sheet. If you need to come back on certain questions, save the Survey as draft to come back later. Once you completed the Survey, mark your response as being final. 

Status and Results

In the Add-On section in Admin you can review the status of the Survey and you can get an overview of all results. The results are available as xls download for further analysis. 



All Survey results are stored at the relevant Fact Sheets. The tab Surveys shows the results of all Surveys related to this specific Fact Sheet.




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