How to work with Metrics

The Metrics add-on allows you to store time-series data in LeanIX. This data can come from various sources, which are relevant to Business, Development or Operations. Integrations can be build using the LeanIX Metrics SDK.


Metrics stores your time-series data in points. A point is a data structure that consists of general information, fields and tags. These points are grouped in so-called measurements. For example, you would like to see the availability of a system over time. Then you would create points at e.g. each day that reflects the availability of the system at this day. 


Implementing Metrics with the Metrics SDK

A detailed video tutorial on how to push data into Metrics with the SDK can be found here

Configure Charts

Go to the tab Metrics in the admin section. Here you can see all your Measurements. When you click on the plus sign, you can configure the charts for one Measurement. 


In the configuration dialogue you can change the name and the timespan that is displayed in the Fact Sheet, e.g. to 8 weeks (8w). Next you configure the time series which is specified by the "Measurement" it belongs to and the "Field name". You can change the type of the chart (e.g. bar chart) and the aggregation function (e.g. sum) and the the grouping (e.g. 1 day). This will aggregate all values in the time-frame of the group according to the rule used in aggregation function. 

In order to make the chart visible at the Fact Sheet you have to tell LeanIX how to map the data to the Fact Sheet. Therefore, you add a rule based on the tag that you had assigned to the point when stored in metrics. E.g. if the the tag was systemid and equals the External ID in LeanIX, it will only appear in Fact Sheets where the two you have entered the systemid as an External ID in the LeanIX Fact Sheet. 



You can view the metric now at the Fact Sheet at the tab Metrics. Here you can also set the view, whether to show in one or two columns. 




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