How do I use the Technopedia integration?

The combination of LeanIX and Technopedia helps you to solve many Enterprise Architecture challenges, e.g. avoiding obsolete technology. Obsolete technology can cause many problems, for example security vulnerabilities, lower flexibility and compliance issues.

Using this integration will save you the manual effort to keep technology product information up to date - Did you know that there are 2500 changes to the Technopedia catalogue each single day?

Find out more about the Technopedia integration here.


Connect to Technopedia

If you are already Technopedia customer, just go to Administration - API & Integration and activate the integration by entering your credentials.

If you don't have any Technopedia credentials, contact your LeanIX account manager or LeanIX support for information, trial and commercial options.

Link an existing Fact Sheet

To link an existing IT Component to Technopedia, just open the Fact Sheet and select the "Technopedia" Button on the right hand side.

A wizard appears that let you select from the catalogue. Adapt the search field to look for matching entries. The small icon on the right-hand side indicates whether a lifecycle is maintained for this entry in the Technopedia catalogue.


Once you selected the entry and press "Link to Fact Sheet", the following information will be updated automatically:

- IT Component name

- IT Component release

- Lifecycle

- Provider

If the lifecycle changes in the Technopedia catalogue, it will be updated in LeanIX as well. 

In case you don't want name, release and provider to be maintained automatically, you can also choose to only synchronize the lifecycle by selecting the checkbox in the wizard.

In the document tab, you find a link to Technopedia, providing you more information.

Create a new Fact Sheet

In order to make it as simple as possible to link all IT Components, the "New Fact Sheet" dialogue provides the option to link to Technopedia directly. The same information as above will be maintained. 

Link several Fact Sheets at a time

When getting started with the LeanIX Technopedia integration, you might want to quickly add multiple IT Components to Technopedia. For this reason, we have included a mass edit dialogue directly in the inventory.

Use Reports to Visualise the Results  

Once you have linked the LeanIX Fact Sheets to Technopedia, there are several ways to visualize the technology lifecycles, e.g.

a) IT Component Landscape - display the lifecycle of the IT Components grouped by Tech. Stack

b) Application Landscape with view "Technology Risk" - indicate which applications and business capabilities are affected by unsupported technology   




  • Can I connect to different levels of versions maintained in Technopedia? The Technopedia catalog is built hierarchical, you can use to browse the hierarchy levels. You can link to entries on different levels (e.g. Oracle Database 12c (12.1) or Oracle Database 12c (, see screenshot), but be aware that lifecycle information might be only available at a certain level (see icon on the screenshot).

  • When are new IT Component Fact Sheets created? New Fact Sheets are only created via the "New Fact Sheet" Wizard - see above. All other options will update existing Fact Sheets and link them to Technopedia.
  • Which data is updated if an IT Component is linked to Technopedia? The Technopedia integration takes care of the following data:
    • Lifecycle
    • IT Component Name & Version
    • Provider (and hence IT Component Display Name): If no Provider exists, a new Fact Sheet is created. If the Provider changes in Technopedia, the Provider in LeanIX is updated as well. An existing Provider in LeanIX is never removed.
  • How are conflicts between Technopedia and manual editing resolved? In case an IT Component is linked to Technopedia, neither Provider, Name, Version nor Lifecycle should be updated manually as it is overwritten. All other Fact Sheet information can be maintained manually. If an IT Component with the same Display Name that would be generated by the integration already exists, an error occurs. If a Provider Fact Sheet already exists, the integration will use the existing Fact Sheet. 
  • Are there best practice Tech. Stacks based on Technopedia available? Yes, please see



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