Modelling middleware/integration architecture

Hi Guys,

We are new to Leanix and were wondering how you guys model the middleware to get the most out of the reports. Is it possible to share some insight/screenshots on how you guys model this in Leanix? 

I know there are guidelines and documentation about it but was wondering which approach you guys follow. How to model technology, interfaces, api's and so on. 

Currently we have following products as middleware: SAP API Managment, CPI, Workflow and Business Rules. 

Thanks in advance for sharing!


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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Tim, 
    In general, you can take a look at our modeling guidelines: https://docs.leanix.net/docs/modeling-guidelines-1
    About modeling middleware: https://docs.leanix.net/docs/modeling-middleware
    About SAP Modeling best practices: https://docs.leanix.net/docs/modeling-best-practices
    I hope this information is helpful :-D

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    Andreas Bosch, McKesson

    Hi Tim,

    so here is my view view on this: Middleware as you mentioned but also other applications such as a WebApplicationFirewall, any kind of Security Analytics are kind of hybrids (or hermaphrodites).

    Depending on the view you take there are two options and you might want to model one or both into LeanIX:

    A. Product Owner of the Middleware View: You build from IT Component an Application that fulfills an IT internal business capability for a defined set of user groups. This helps you to understand what you source and why you work on a middleware product.

    B, Product Owner of a Business Application View: These user have a desire to build solutions in a standardized way or with build-in security, etc. so they reach out to internal Shared Service Providers (also Providers in LeanIX) and ask for their IT Component Service Portfolio. Here they find Middleware as a Service fact sheets and source these to "plug and run" a business application.

    So to sum it up: An application that is offered to other IT teams for consumption becomes an IT Component again.

    Hope that helps you in your setup,

    Regards, Andreas

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    Luc Van Hoof

    So we also offer API's to our customers via an API Gateway.

    We want to track which API's are made available to external customers through our API Gateway.

    If I would build an API on a Middleware platform for Application X and publish it via API GW, I could do some of the following, interested to get feedback here:

    1. Define the Middleware as component, define the API as a Child of the application it serves with link to the Middleware component as platform. This way we can show usage of the API by adding user groups or adding external applications as fact sheets and define an Interface between the consuming application and the API.

    2. Define the API as a component as well (child of the middleware) and create an Interface between the external application and the internal application using the API component as technology.

    3. Define the API as child to the Application Gateway as this is the central point for external users.

    4. Define the API GW as middleware and either link API Application fact sheet to it or create API as child to the Gateway.

    5. Same as in 1 or 2 above create interface either to API or to gateway using Component as technology.

    Other thoughts??

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