Mapping Business Capability to Service Mapping


Business Capability vs Process mapping is straight forward in LeanIX. Is there ways to model Services to Business Capability?

Our Support team would like to map Business/IT Services to Business Capability.

I came across the following difference between Capability vs Process vs Service from an online article:

- Both Process and Service are viewpoints on top of Capabilities:

Capability: is the what we do

Process: is the how we do it (--> how a capability is executed)

Service: is the how we access it (--> how a capability is accessed)


Thank you


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    James Candy

    Typically a service would have an application or technical offering at its core so i would suggest using Applications or IT Components here. Apps in LeanIX wouldn't typically capture parameters like SLAs - that's what an operational ITSM tool like ServiceNow is for rather than an APM / planning system like LeanIX.



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