Business Unit/ User Group Mapping to Business Capability


How can one map Business Unit / User Group to Business Capability in LeanIX?

I had the opportunity to attend the first LeanIX APAC community meetup and ask the same question during the session and LeanIX reps mentioned that that is possible through Application Matrix report. I understand that the report provides Usergroup vs BC mapping via Application relation.

However, how can one map User Group to a Business Capability if there is no Application supporting that Capability? It is a likely scenario where a User Group / Business Unit owns a Business Capability and does not own an Application to support that capability. As per the Business Architecture Guild framework, it is recommended to link Business Unit to Business Capability (based on relation Business Unit ------(has)---> Capability). 

Let me know your thoughts.

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    Mark Murray

    Hi Sonam.

    I haven't looked into this or done this before but had a thought about how this might work. Possible options include:

    1. Use processes - I believe a capability is unable to produce its intended outcome without some execution or activity taking place. Therefore, a process is required to execute the capability. It seems this would be a valid way to make the relationship - associate a User Group with a Process and associate the Process with one or more Business Capabilities. While this may not directly align to specific definitions, specifications, or methodologies, it makes sense to me. 
    2. Use tagging - I think of business units as being relatively static and stable over time. I also think of them as a fairly finite and a manageable quantity.  Therefore, this might be a good way to identify the capabilities that are unique to a business unit. I do feel like this is a workaround and could become difficult to maintain if tracking each business capability that each business unit provides.  

    Not sure if this helps or not and not sure if these are the best options or all possible options. Just some quick thoughts. One thing you would definitely need to think about is why are you trying to do this, what insight is needed, and what specific decisions will be made with this information. Hope this helps.  



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    James Candy

    Hi Sonam - you could use Subscriptions for this; ideally you would have an accountable person for each Capability with whom you'd perform current and target state gap analysis for each capability - that person would belong to a particular Org Unit, so by extension that Org Unit owns the Capability. You may also have other OUs supporting the capability and could add users / roles from those OUs to denote this.



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