Modelling data stores

Hi all - what approaches do you take for modelling data stores - lakes, ODS, warehouses etc? Historically in my company these things have been called 'applications' though that doesn't seem appropriate given the definition we usually apply to an App. I'm not sure they're really IT Components either though, whilst Data Object sheets are for modelling specific entities rather then repositories...




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    Kochis, David

    I'm am new to LeanIX and have a similar question.  How have others modeled data lakes, warehouses, 

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    Carl Christian Hupfeld

    In our case the data lake is an application because of the interfaces. We wanted to see the data lake within the interface circle map report and in the data flow diagrams, therefore we had to define it as application. For us the best solution to make transparent from which other applications the data lake becomes filled. There you can also make use of the data objects to define which data is transferred to the data lake. 

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