How to make sure the subscribers of the factsheets have enough user rights to contribute

Hi all.

I have two issues related to the users in LeanIX.

1. Reach out to the “Not invited” ones

As I was preparing our first small survey, I noticed that although the factsheets in scope do have subscriptions, the users subscribed are not identified as “recipients” for the survey.

I believe the reason for that is because their status is “Not invited”, and their role is simply a “contact” (not a VIEWER or a MEMBER).

I am pretty sure they were invited some time ago and some of them are actually MEMBERS.

But they probably never logged in and their invitation “expired”.

Question: how to invite them again, without sending “spam” email? As we are talking about more than 200 users – it will be great if we can do it bulk.


2. Automate the user roles provisioning, triggered by assigned subscription and a role.

The problem is that we can easily subscribe users to factsheet (e.g. in a certain “responsible” role), but those users might not have the MEMBER rights to contribute when requested.

I need constantly to check the users, who are subscribers, whether or not they are invited and what role they have been assigned. This export and comparison happens outside of LeanIX.

Then I need to issue a ticket to our AD admins to bring certain people into certain AD Groups.


Question: what is the easiest way to find out whether the subscribers, who have been subscribed to factsheets have the required role (MEMBER) to edit them.

Question: Have you seen an implementation (with other LeanIX customers) which allows to trigger the user access management process based on a subscription assignment? E.g.:

  • Trigger the creation of a SNOW ticket to be approved and provisioned
  • Or directly send a provisioning request to AD


Thank you all in advance!


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    Thomas Schreiner, Aronis

    Hi Galina,

    1. To invite a user without sending them a notification e-mail, you can invite them via the MTM API and make sure you use silent mode. See https://dev.leanix.net/docs/user-management for details.

    2. To check the role for all subscriptions in a workspace, I guess I would write a script via our browser console. This shouldn't take more than a few lines, and it could iterate through all subscriptions and check each user's workspace role. I can also offer to write this for you. We do this quite a lot, and it's easy to purchase such a script. If you are interested, you can get in touch via LinkedIn.

    Regarding your second question: Yes, I have seen implementations that trigger user invitations via subscriptions, but I have not yet seen a fully automated scenario. If I was to implement such a scenario, I think I would set up an automation that is triggered whenever a new subscription has been added, or an existing subscription has been updated. There are specific (unofficial) events for that, which - in turn - could trigger a similar check as mentioned above, and create a ticket if the user needs to be onboarded. Note that this would be a bit more work than the custom script that I mentioned above, but it's still perfectly feasible. We have already automated lots of similar scenarios.


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    Galina Stancheva

    Thanks for your reply Thomas.

    1. Will check the MTM API and try to send silent invites :)
    2. Will discuss internally how this e2e process should look like. Apparently it goes outside of LeanIX borders (user access approval flow + administration of the user in the respective AD group). Great to know that you and your group can support certain scenarios!

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