Embedding content from LeanIX Academy into an e-learning solution

Hi all.

As part of our LeanIX roll-out, we delivered 2 instructor-led training sessions. But it is very time consuming on our side and could only cover a very limited auditory.

I was looking into organizing some training courses via our e-learning platform (part of SuccessFactors), assign them periodically to different groups and deliver the content in a mode, which will allow everyone to take it on its own pace.

We were offered to create some tailored content and push it in the learning system. Which most probably we'll have to do.

However, I was thinking about re-using if possible some content from the LeanIX Academy. It is great and everyone can access it, but unfortunately we cannot assign those courses to certain people, nor to track whether they took them or not.

That is why I am actually looking for opportunities to potentially embed via integration the content from the LeanIX Academy into our Learning platform.

Has anyone done something similar? Integration, iFrame, something?!?!

Is is possible to "extract" the content from the LeanIX Academy and import it on the other side? I believe the supported format was SCORM.

Any help, advise and experience shared - highly appreciated!

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    Sagar D

    We are also looking a way to leverage existing content from LeanIX academy and integrate with our learning platform. I am not sure if there is any permission we need to seek from leanIX to reuse/embed their videos in our learning platform. how about recording the screen with videos (with due permission from leanIX)?

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