Hi, how to add modules of an application? These modules should be part of the application not a separate one. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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    Adrian Harvey

    Are these not Components?  Normally the Application represents the highest level of the provided business service or porduct, and it's parts are IT Components.  

    If your 'Modules' are their own applicatoins on a common platform then we would use the Tech Platform to represent the supporting system if it was bigger than a single component (like, say a Workflow plarforn) and the 'Modules' would be Applications with the platform as a dependency.

    What is the nature of your Modules?

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    Thomas Schreiner

    Modules (if you are talking about functional modules, such as SAP MM, SD, FI/CO etc) are usually represented as children. Technical components such as the runtime environment, operating system, database etc. are represented as IT Components.

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