Anyone using a "Product" fact sheet?

We're a software development company that has grown through acquisitions, in addition to releasing our own products.  We operate in multiple verticals.  So, our general business alignment for applications is to have a vertical / pillar, then products under that, where a product can consist of multiple applications under it.  We're considering creating a "Product" fact sheet that can be used for the top-level of our stack where we typically have different items we're tracking than at the individual application level.  Anyone else have a similar use case?  Don't want to end up getting too many hierarchy levels deep in application, but also don't want to go crazy with fact sheet types. Example below.  In this example, multiple applications can be related to a product, applications can support multiple products, and multiple products can be related to a vertical.


  • Product:  Healthcare (vertical)  (hierarchy level 1)
  • Product:  Healthcare Product 1  (hierarchy level 2)
  • Application:  Underlying Application 1
  • Application:  Underlying Application 2
  • Application:  Underlying Application 3

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    Christoph Wagner3

    Hi James,

    we're probably having the same problem statement here, we're sw-dev company (automotive) and we're in the process of setting up the exact same topic. As we though about the possibilities to reflect that in LeanIX in a manageable and sustainable way, we came up with the same structure as you proposed. 

    So we're going to have a custom FS "Product" and then additionally we have some categories of the application FS which give a structure to the application level.

    The thing is then, where to reflect ART Ownership, Portfolio Epics? 

    Second point we have to solve is that it is not always so easy for business and tech to understand the differences, hence there will be Products and Applications which will end up having the same name, maybe eben a Business Capability with the same name as Product and Application (for reporting reasons). 

    So for a start your proposal (and our thoughts at the same time :) ) are a good start, we'll see how this evolves with the questions above in mind as we progress.

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